Accelerating the Internet of Things

Experience IoT processing faster than the edge and at a lower cost than the cloud.  Try Kazuhm today!

    Faster IoT Processing

    Use your IoT devices and gateways to process your data at the source for the lowest possible latency.


    You have complete control, so your devices are always ready to use for their primary purpose.

    IT/OT Convergence

    Unify your IT devices such as desktops, laptops, and servers with your IoT gateways and devices.

    Fractional Device Usage

    Share capacity simultaneously across multiple departments and teams based on settings you choose.

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is forecast to reach 41B devices that will create over 76ZB of data by 2025.  Organizations are deploying IoT programs to improve manufacturing processes and employee safety.  Industries from utilities to agriculture to energy to healthcare are improving operations with networks of connected sensors that tell us all kinds of observable and actionable information. 

    But to realize the value of IoT programs, data needs to be processed fast enough to affect decisions in microseconds.  And data processing and storage costs need to be low enough for organizations to achieve a positive ROI.

    Kazuhm is a brand new distributed computing technology that enables IoT data to be processed across IoT networks, on the devices where it is generated, to achieve ultra-low latencies at a lower cost than the cloud or even the edge. 

    Explore Our Use Cases

    IoT for Smart Cities Applications

    Increase processing speeds and reduce processing costs for municipal IoT programs.

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    IoT for Manufacturing Quality Assurance

    Accelerate your IT/OT convergence and process your QA data faster and at a lower cost.

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    Oil & Gas Safety and Spill Avoidance

    Enable faster decision-making through Kazuhm’s remote site IoT data processing.

    Learn more

    How It Works

    Ground-breaking distributed computing technology allows enterprise applications for IoT data to be processed on IoT devices and gateways, as well as your IT assets such as laptops, desktops, and servers with idle cycles.

    Kazuhm allows you to use the compute assets your organization already owns to process your data on-premise instead of sending it to an edge data center or the cloud.

    What You Get

    Easy to use access to the on-demand compute resources when and where you need them to run your  IoT applications and make decisions fast.

    Less data movement means better security and lower transport costs.

    Get more value out of your IoT!

    Choose your resources.

    Tap into unused capacity on your IoT devices and gateways, laptops, desktops, servers, VMs, and even your multi-cloud environment. The scheduling and limit functions prevent conflicts and ensure you choose from resources with available capacity.

    Add your apps.

    Upload your own application or choose one already available within Kazuhm.  “Bring-your-own-app” functionality allows you to seamlessly add new apps with a few simple steps.

    Run your workloads.

    Using your onsite resources means no cloud-based latency or security issues.  You’ll be amazed at your increased capacity and cost savings.

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