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Build an instant, private cloud-like environment with hardware assets you already own. Lower latency and cloud costs. Generate more data processing and storage capacity.  Try Kazuhm today!

Quick & Easy Setup

Simply add or remove devices and applications from your portal with just a few clicks.


You have complete control, so your devices are always ready to use for their primary purpose.

Unrivaled Compatibility

Deploy any containerized app using Docker compose on Linux, MacOS, Windows, and more.

Fractional Device Usage

Share capacity simultaneously across multiple departments and teams based on settings you choose.

Across sectors, increased demand for compute resources is being driven by data-heavy applications for business analytics, AI and ML.  Yet, corporate IT assets sit idle for much of the time.  When assigned to a single purpose such as disaster recovery or backup memory, some devices may go days, weeks, or more without being used at all, while corporate desktops and servers may never run at full capacity. 

Kazuhm is an enterprise-grade distributed computing tool that delivers the lowest cost way to scale compute resources using the devices you already own. Built to be non-intrusive and highly compatible across hardware and OS, the scheduling features, usage limits, and a fail-safe kill switch ensure your compute assets are always available for their primary function.

Process more data faster, spend less in the cloud, and the best part – it adapts seamlessly into your current AI/ML applications and platforms with drag-and-drop ease of use.

Explore Our Use Cases

Internet of Things

Create a low-latency, low-cost, private cloud-like processing environment with unused capacity from your IoT devices.

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Analytics, AI & ML

Enable a powerful on-premise compute grid providing on-demand processing power to reduce your cloud or data center spend.

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Disaster Recovery

Safely reallocate idle compute and storage capacity in your disaster recovery sites while never interfering with its primary purpose.

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Data Storage

Dramatically cut storage costs for messaging and collaboration apps by tapping into unused storage capacity on subscriber devices.

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How It Works

Simple sign-up, a free 14-day trial, and no long-term contracts make Kazuhm easy to try.

Kazuhm allows you to use the compute assets your organization already owns to process your data on-premise instead of sending it to the cloud.

What You Get

Easy to use access to the on-demand compute resources you need when and where you need them to run your applications.

Your data stays safer and applications run faster within your own network.

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Kazuhm gives data scientists the ability to process massive datasets on-demand without using expensive cloud resources.

How It Works

Connect and assign resources on your network, regardless of their primary purpose, to run secondary-use applications.

Upload your Docker compose files to run popular data science and genomics applications on the hardware you choose.

What You Get

Take advantage of servers, laptops, desktops, VMs, and single-use hardware devices – unified and ready to process data when your teams need it.

Using Docker compose files, access any of the 100,000+ apps from the Docker Hub library, and run applications quickly and securely within your own network.

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Kazuhm is the answer for any IT administrator that needs to get the most out of their resources and provide their data science teams on-demand compute!

Running your enterprise apps has never been easier!

Choose your resources.

Tap into unused capacity on your laptops, desktops, servers, VMs, and even your multi-cloud environment. The scheduling and limit functions prevent conflicts and ensure you choose from resources with available capacity.

Add your apps.

Upload your own Docker application or choose one already available in the Kazuhm platform.  “Bring-your-own-app” functionality allows you to seamlessly add new apps with a few simple steps using Docker Compose.

Run your workloads.

Using your onsite resources means no cloud-based latency or security issues.  You’ll be amazed at your increased capacity and cost savings.

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