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Are your IT and cloud costs exploding?  Are you struggling to keep up with the data processing needs of your organization?  Are cloud security issues a growing concern?  Help may be right under your nose – recapture the resources you already have.

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…with Kazuhm, the next generation workload processing platform that enables you to recapture unused desktop resources to reduce your cloud costs, improve efficiency, enhance security and instantaneously adapt to meet your most extreme workload demands.

Commercial Grade

Designed with the needs of the enterprise in mind, Kazuhm is secure, robust, reliable, and easy to use – appropriate for commercial, academic, and governmental organizations.


Reclaim existing desktop, server, and cloud resources into a heterogeneous distributed computing resource system such that unused compute power can be effectively used to process organizational workloads.


Fully integrated with your existing cloud setup to burst at a moment’s notice as workloads demand; empowering individual users to get their work done without necessitating frequent requests to IT, who in turn see costly resources only used when they are needed.

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Plug in your data and see how you can meet your corporate IT needs at a fraction of the cost.

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Compared to AWS EC2 and Google Compute Engine, you can estimate a reduction in cloud cost of

This calculator is for discussion and informational purposes only and is subject to change. It cannot be considered a source of definitive pricing guidance. Your actual saving may be higher or lower than the estimate depending on a number of factors including license agreement, vendor price changes, and more. How our estimate is calculated.

Cost and Time Savings for True - A Customer Success Story

Find out from CTO Reed Anderson how True Corporation, the leading video and home entertainment provider in Thailand, saved time and money using the Kazuhm platform for transcoding.

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