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Considering a hybrid computing platform as part of your digital transformation?

Kazuhm unifies compute resources to create an enterprise-grade grid enabling you to process data faster, more securely, and at a lower overall cost – using your existing, yet underutilized resources, including desktops, servers, cloud, and even bare metal.

It’s simply a better hybrid computing platform. Let us show you what’s possible!


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Better Performance
Reduced Complexity
Improved Security
Lower IT Costs

Computing is changing...

Are you changing with it?

The volume of data organizations deal with on a daily basis is exploding.  Our compute ecosystem is being transformed on the one hand by ever-smarter, more powerful devices.  And on the other hand, the sheer volume of devices supporting the Internet of Things (IoT) further feeds the data explosion.  This is driving an increasing number of non-technical users who need to process workloads quickly and easily.

The go-to solution up to this point has been a growing dependency on cloud technologies – an approach that creates wonderful agility, but also skyrocketing IT costs, vendor lock-in, and growing security concerns.

Maximize the value of your existing hardware and cloud assets. Connect those resources seamlessly with each other to process more without spending more in the cloud.

Kazuhm has built the next-generation hybrid computing platform that will provide organizations of any size and technical level with the agility and intelligence needed to succeed in today’s data-rich world.


What can users do with Kazuhm?

Multi-Cloud, Hybrid-Cloud Management

Escape from vendor lock-in and centrally manage all your Public Cloud Hosts for FREE.

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Data Science On Demand

Simplify deployment of Spark and Jupyter and process workloads both on-premise and in the cloud.

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Offset Cloud Costs

Get “Cloud Smart”. Process containerized workloads on your Linux and Windows desktops and servers to offset cloud costs.

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Low-Latency Workload Processing

Reduce latency and improve performance by processing your data on-premise or at the edge – when milliseconds count.

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On-Site Distributed Computing

Connect your desktops – Windows and Linux – and servers or even your edge devices to create a powerful compute fabric.

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Customer Installations

Improved Transcoding Performance and Reduced Processing Costs for True

Find out from CTO Reed Anderson how True Corporation, the leading video and home entertainment provider in Thailand, saved time and money using the Kazuhm platform for transcoding.

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