What will the future of cloud computing look like as we enter 2019?  Changes are afoot in the world of cloud computing and journalists and editors are starting to take note. Cloud computing has been the darling of the media for the last several years supported by the meteoric rise of services like AWS, Google Cloud, and Amazon’s Azure. As this market begins to mature and the hype cycle begins to level off, weaknesses of cloud offerings become more apparent and complementary or alternative solutions will begin to take hold. Common issues with cloud computing include security, vendor lock-in, rising cloud costs, and poor performance.  For example, according to Kazuhm’s recent survey of more than 500 IT professionals across sectors, while many plan to increase their use of the public cloud, only 42% feel their work done in the public cloud is completely secure.  In 2019 customers will begin to demand solutions to these issues which will open up opportunities for new companies and/or products to enter the market.  What’s more, the advent of the cloud and cloud native applications are driving changes in the demand and availability of IT skills from the system admin level all the way to the CIO.

In the linked article, Kazuhm CEO Tim O’Neal answers TechRadar’s questions and shares his vision of The Future of Cloud Computing in 2019.  Topics such as how to maximize your compute resources including cloud and also on premises servers and desktops, the top mistakes companies make when moving to the cloud, which workloads may not be well-suited to the cloud, the IT talent gap associated with the rise of the cloud and more are explored in this article.  The article makes a good read for those purchasing IT resources, planning 2019 cloud migrations, or simply staying current on IT career planning.