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Create a powerful on-premise compute grid that provides on-demand or sustained processing for analytics, AI & ML. Add a secondary use to every device in your organization, including desktops, laptops, and servers, without interfering with their primary function. Easy to install and intuitive to manage, our solution is the most efficient way to process demanding analytics, AI & ML workloads whether you are in the cloud, using on-premise devices, or hosted servers.  



How will you process the expected 530% growth in data your organization will face by 2025?

Traditional Approach

Option 1: Buy more servers.

Traditional Approach

Option 2: Expand cloud spend.

With Kazuhm

Instant compute capacity with your own assets!

Experience a brand new, more efficient way to process your most demanding workloads!


Model Training Model Serving CV/DL/NN/NLP/SVM ETL/Data Transformation Expert Systems

How does it work?

Getting started with Kazuhm is easy and requires no special training or certifications. Within an hour you can be up and running using our online knowledge center to follow three simple steps.

  1. In just a few clicks, connect available compute resources within your organization in order to capture unused processing power.
  2. Upload any application to your Kazuhm portal using a Docker compose file or choose one already available in Kazuhm.
  3. Run your workloads. Users within your organization can run their applications without help from IT.

You’ll be amazed at your increased capacity and cost savings!

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