COVID-19 Response - Free Enterprise-Grade Distributed Computing for Organizations Battling Coronavirus

If your organization is engaged in the fight against coronavirus, Kazuhm wants to support your efforts with our distributed computing solution.  Free to any organization around the globe working on a vaccine or test kit R&D, manufacturing of respirators, hand sanitizers, masks and other equipment that saves lives, hospitals and universities needing to ramp up massive amounts of application processing and storage, Kazuhm quickly and easily increases your capacity, processing speeds, and security.


The global COVID-19 pandemic is driving a fast ramp-up to online learning and video-conferencing. Alongside the demand for these applications comes a demand for increased storage capacity. Distributed storage with Kazuhm can help!

Much of this increased storage demand is driven by data with strict security requirements. Kazuhm enables distributed storage across the excess capacity of devices that universities, companies, hospitals, and government agencies already have in-house which reduces the need to move data off-site or to the cloud.

Data Analytics

Massive amounts of data on every aspect of the COVID-19 pandemic are streaming in every minute, and data science teams need to quickly and securely process that data in order to provide valuable insights to governments, citizens, and industries across sectors.

Kazuhm integrates quickly and easily into current processes and workflows to process data using common containerized applications such as Apache Spark and Jupiter Notebook. Keep your sensitive data on-premise and process your applications faster and at a lower cost than cloud-based solutions.

Vaccine Research

Large-scale computational analysis samples demand massive amounts of compute power, straining the budgets and timelines of research teams that need to deploy a coronavirus vaccine fast.

University, government, and private-sector research teams alike require cost-effective distributed processing solutions to run the sorting, filtering, clustering, formatting, and assembly of large data samples. Kazuhm is exactly the right software solution to serve their needs, leveraging existing research applications and processes while expanding their compute power with no requirements for additional hardware.

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