Minimize the Rising Cost of Data Storage


Offload subscriber data storage to their own devices.



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The average hard drive is 3TB. How much is sitting idle at your subscribers' sites?


Boost subscriber data storage using your subscribers’ own resources.

Messaging apps and collaboration tools generate high volumes of data to store including messages, files, calls, videos, and other data. For app providers, this results in the growing need for costly cloud or data center storage. Kazuhm instantly creates on-demand, on-premise S3 storage directly from subscriber assets, using a small amount of disk space from each. Non-intrusive for subscribers, easy to install, and intuitive to manage, our solution is the most efficient way to mitigate the rising cost of subscriber data storage.  



How will you store the expected 530% growth in data your organization will face by 2025?

Traditional Approach

Expand cloud spend.

With Kazuhm

Instant, non-intrusive storage capacity on your subscribers’ assets!

How does it work?

Getting started with Kazuhm is easy and requires no special training or certifications. Within an hour you can be up and running using our online knowledge center to follow three simple steps.

  1. In just a few clicks, connect available subscriber resources in order to capture unused storage capacity.
  2. Set controls to choose the amount of available storage to use on various subscriber devices based on subscriber preferences.
  3. Start storing subscriber data with no interference in normal laptop/desktop operations.

You’ll be amazed at your increased storage capacity and cost savings!

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