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Enterprise-Grade Distributed Computing is the Key


The core function of any organization’s IT is to increase efficiency and productivity.  Kazuhm is an enterprise-grade distributed computing platform that ensures every IT asset, from laptops to desktops to tablets to servers to multi-cloud, is optimized for maximum efficiency, so that your enterprise apps run faster and at a lower cost.  Process more, spend less, and the best part – it adapts seamlessly into your current applications and processes with drag-and-drop ease of use.

Better Performance
Reduced Complexity
Improved Security
Lower IT Costs

Running your enterprise apps has never been easier!

Choose your resources.

Tap into unused capacity on your laptops, desktops, servers, VMs, and even your multi-cloud environment. The scheduling and limit functions prevent conflicts and ensure you choose from resources with available capacity.

Add your apps.

Upload your own Docker application or choose one already available in the Kazuhm platform.  “Bring-your-own-app” functionality allows you to seamlessly add new apps with a few simple steps using Docker Compose.

Run your workloads.

Using your onsite resources means no cloud-based latency or security issues.  You’ll be amazed at your increased capacity and cost savings.

Explore how customers are using Kazuhm today!

Organizations across sectors are using Kazuhm to boost efficiency! From video transcoding and rendering to analytics applications like ELK and more, Kazuhm customers enjoy better performance, less downtime, and lower overall IT costs.

Media & Entertainment

Delivering high-quality 4K or even 8K video at scale across multiple end-user equipment platforms demands enormous compute capacity.  Kazuhm can help!

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Data Analytics and AI Applications

Never before have enterprises been able to take advantage of the kind AI-driven insights that they can today.  Kazuhm can help companies process more data faster and for less.

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Genomics Research

Critical genomics research requires stringent data security to meet privacy regulations as well as massive amounts of HPC power. Kazuhm is helping researchers achieve both.

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Quickly and easily turn your excess on-device storage capacity into a powerful distributed storage solution.

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Case Study: True Corporation

Thailand’s largest telcommuniation provider uses Kazuhm to accelerate its video transcoding efforts. Watch the video on how Kazuhm has provided them $250,000 cost savings and accelerated their transcoding speed by 8x.

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