IoT for Manufacturing

Quality Assurance


Ensure QA for precision manufacturing of medical devices through rapid in-factory alerts and adjustments.

Existing (pre-Kazuhm) Scenario:

Extensive sensors assets generating a high volume of data for cloud-based analytics, in a high latency workflow.  Decisions do not reach QA in time to avert defects, due to movement of data.

Kazuhm’s Offering:

Unification of IoT sensors and gateways for analytics processing, for the purpose of decreasing cloud data volumes, and creating near real time QA alerts.


IoT for Manufacturing Workflow

Experience a brand new, more efficient way to process your IoT generated data!

Getting started with Kazuhm is easy and requires no special training or certifications.

  1. Connect available IoT compute resources within your organization in order to capture unused processing power.
  2. Upload any application to your Kazuhm portal.
  3. Run your workloads.

You’ll be amazed at your increased processing capacity, speed, and cost savings!

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