Smart Cities IoT

Urban Video Surveillance & Analytics

Current Situation

Municipal security cameras capture high resolution video and events are detected via computer vision.  A single camera is used to detect a single incident and data from each camera is moved to the cloud for processing and storage.


Reduce latency for event detection and reduce data transport and cloud costs

Kazuhm Solution

Kazuhm’s distributed compute technology unifies compute across multiple devices – this includes EACH of the cameras plus all the spare compute available in the nearby municipal office building – servers, desktops, and laptops. 

  • Video format conversion previously done in the cloud can now be done on-site, reducing latency and cloud computing costs.
  • Less data is sent over networks, reducing data security issues and data transport costs.

Experience a brand new, more efficient way to process your IoT generated data!

Getting started with Kazuhm is easy and requires no special training or certifications.

  1. Connect available IoT compute resources within your organization in order to capture unused processing power.
  2. Upload any application to your Kazuhm portal.
  3. Run your workloads.

You’ll be amazed at your increased processing capacity, speed, and cost savings!

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