Platform Compute Expansion at the Edge

Faster, less expensive compute for your IoT solution.

Create a powerful “edge cloud” for your platform out of your customer’s underutilized IoT resources – such as large sensors, modules, and gateways.

Kazuhm helps your Platform address your customer’s most latency-sensitive use cases through a flexible, intelligent local compute fabric. Edge and IoT platforms don’t maximize local compute resources. Latency and high compute costs associated with cloud computing drive inefficiencies and make it hard for your customers to scale their IoT programs.

Kazuhm augments your IoT platform by enabling distributed compute on your customers’ on-premise IoT and edge devices. It integrates seamlessly into your platform solution to capture unused device compute cycles and run IoT applications more efficiently.

New Revenue Streams

Monetize customer hardware

Stand Out vs. Competition

Unique advantage for customer success

Lower Operational Costs

Decrease compute/storage costs

Platform Efficiencies Through Compute Expansion

  1. Distributed compute network using ALL local devices from large sensors to gateways to IT.
  2. Significantly reduce data movement via intelligent localized distributed processing.
  3. (optional) Distributed compute across heterogeneous IT assets, which were previously ignored (cross OS & device type)
  4. Latency, compute, and data movement costs decreased by moving less data to cloud/external DC


Use Cases

Kazuhm distributes larger workloads across your IoT & edge devices, leveraging available compute & decreasing your dependence on data centers & cloud processing, lowering cost significantly. You’ll be amazed at your increased capacity, speed, & cost savings!

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Quality Control
  • Performance Tuning
  • Safety Analysis
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Image and Video Processing
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