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Generate on-demand, fractional, or sustained processing for analytics, AI & ML, and more using idle compute capacity from your IoT sensor networks.

Data generated by the IoT brings enormous opportunities but also increased demand for data processing and storage which can be plagued by latency issues as well as costly. Kazuhm adds a secondary capability to IoT devices, allowing them to process the data they generate as a way to offset costs and improve processing speeds. Easy to install and intuitive to manage, our solution works seamlessly with applications and platforms you already have in place to enable the most efficient way to process IoT generated data.



How will you optimize your share of the 25 billion IoT devices that will be in service by 2023?

Traditional Approach

Option 1: Buy more servers.

Traditional Approach

Option 2: Expand cloud spend.

With Kazuhm

Instant Compute Capacity: enabled on your sensor networks and other enterprise devices across varying OS and hardware platforms!

IoT Use Cases

Remote Sensing

With commercial high-speed wireless networks such as 5G, remote sensing applications are no longer restricted to satellite-based applications for governmental agencies. However, the latency associated with sending data to the cloud for processing is still too great for applications where split-second accuracy can save lives.

• Process data as close as possible to where remote sensor data is generated for the lowest possible latency.
• Move less data to the cloud, improving privacy, and reducing cost.

Industrial IoT

IoT for industrial purposes such as manufacturing and supply chain monitoring and management systems holds the promise of a safer, more efficient industrial sector. Kazuhm offers a path to better performance and improved efficiencies for IIoT deployments.

• Faster identification of quality control issues on the factory floor saves time, money, and resources.
• Use IIoT compute power for secondary processing purposes reducing IT costs.

Smart Cities

Urban areas are already using different types of IoT sensors to collect data. However, latencies caused by data transport to the cloud make it difficult to deploy services in response to that data. Kazuhm enables cities to use their IoT sensors and other local assets to address speed and cloud cost issues.

• Processing at the edge drives lower latency resulting in faster response times for utilities and first responders.
• Using the compute assets they already own allows cities to save taxpayer dollars.

Experience a brand new, more efficient way to process your IoT generated data!

Getting started with Kazuhm is easy and requires no special training or certifications. Within an hour you can be up and running using our online knowledge center to follow three simple steps.

  1. In just a few clicks, connect available compute resources within your organization in order to capture unused processing power.
  2. Upload any application to your Kazuhm portal using a Docker compose file or choose one already available in Kazuhm.
  3. Run your workloads. Users within your organization can run their applications without help from IT.

You’ll be amazed at your increased capacity, speed, and cost savings!

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