Enterprise-grade distributed computing solution enables IT cost savings and  intelligent compute resource management

SAN DIEGO, Ca.—April 3, 2020Kazuhm today announced the availability of advanced AI-driven insights and controls in the latest release of their distributing computing platform.  Newly added functionality uses artificial intelligence algorithms to forecast available computing capacity across corporate assets including servers, desktops, laptops, and multi-cloud resources.  Additionally, users can now more precisely control when any given compute resources are used based on configurable exclusion windows and usage limits.

The Kazuhm platform represents the first time distributed computing is available as an enterprise-grade product enabling organizations to take full advantage of the computing power they already own across all their devices from desktops, laptops and tablets to servers and multi-cloud environments.  Kazuhm allows customers to quickly and easily unify their resources and run enterprise applications faster, more securely, and at a lower cost.

“Kazuhm’s distributed compute software helps True run transcoding on compute assets we already own and save hundreds of thousands of dollars on compute and hardware costs,” said Reed Anderson, CTO, True Corporation. “We are excited about the artificial intelligence-driven insights we will get from this latest release, enabling even more optimization of our resources and therefore cost savings.”

Available to customers in the latest product release, Kazuhm now offers the following features:

  • Control features include the ability to set exclusion windows for each Kazuhm-enabled device on your network, pause and resume work on those devices, add additional resources to an existing host group, and manage storage from within the Kazuhm platform.


Kazuhm Scheduler


  • Monitoring features include a notification center that displays timely and critical information about your Kazuhm-enabled resources, information on Kazuhm-specific CPU usage across devices, and cloud resource status.


Kazuhm Notifications Center


  • Usability features include a newly streamlined Windows installation process and Google Cloud Platform provisioning capability.


Kazuhm Windows Installer


Kazuhm is applicable across a wide range of end user devices, processor platforms, and operating systems including Linux, MacOS, and Windows. Companies interested in containing their IT costs while improving compute capacity and performance can request a free trial of the Kazuhm platform at https://www.kazuhm.com/.

Kazuhm COVID-19 Response

In related news, Kazuhm announced on March 23 their AI-driven distributed computing solution will be provided free to any organization fighting the coronavirus pandemic.  University and private sector research labs, test kit manufacturers, companies providing free or reduced cost video conferencing solutions, and companies who have quickly ramped up manufacturing for items such as hand sanitizer, gloves, and face masks can all take advantage of Kazuhm to increase their computing capacity.  This offer is available to any organization across the globe that meets the criteria of contributing to the fight against COVID-19. Visit https://www.kazuhm.com/covid-19-response/ for more information on this offer.



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