New feature provides IT departments with self-service installation for over 100,000 applications

April 29, 2020Kazuhm today announced the launch of its “bring-your-own-app” functionality allowing users to independently run any application with a Docker Compose file within the Kazuhm distributed computing environment. This new feature enables Kazuhm users to choose from more than 100,000 containerized applications in the Docker Hub library and quickly and easily deploy those apps across their Kazuhm-enabled corporate assets including servers, desktops, laptops, and multi-cloud resources. 

Kazuhm is the only distributed computing platform available as an enterprise-grade product allowing organizations to take full advantage of the computing power they already own across all their devices. With the latest Kazuhm release, customers can upload and edit Docker Compose files, then configure and deploy applications with just a few clicks. This eliminates the need for extensive command-line capabilities and facilitates the use of many popular applications within the Kazuhm platform. Among the 100,000+ applications available as Docker Compose files are MySQL, WordPress, Elastic Stack (ELK), Redis, Cassandra, and many more.

“Since our inception, our vision has been to provide corporations with the industry’s first SaaS-enabled distributed compute platform. With the launch of our bring-your-own-app functionality, we have now reached this significant milestone,” says Gregg Holsapple, vice president of product at Kazuhm. “Kazuhm allows corporations of any size to build a powerful compute fabric using resources they already own, lowering IT costs, and improving application performance. And the beauty behind it is that our drag-and-drop approach does not require any command-line capabilities, making it quick to establish and easy to maintain while saving hours of IT staff time.”

Also available in the current release are expanded scheduling and control features, deeper insights into host CPU and memory usage by deployed applications, and more visibility and automation for Docker installation on Windows and Linux devices.


Kazuhm COVID-19 Response

In related news, Kazuhm announced on March 23 their AI-driven distributed computing solution will be provided free to any organization fighting the coronavirus pandemic.  University and private sector research labs, test kit manufacturers, companies providing free or reduced-cost video conferencing solutions, and companies who have quickly ramped up manufacturing for items such as hand sanitizer, gloves, and face masks can all take advantage of Kazuhm to increase their computing capacity.  This offer is available to any organization across the globe that meets the criteria of contributing to the fight against COVID-19. Visit for more information on this offer.




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