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Imagine your organization having the ability to process workloads at increased speed, with higher levels of security, while actually lowering your costs.

Kazuhm accomplishes this by providing any organization with the power to seamlessly maximize all compute resources from desktop, to server, to cloud; thus, enabling effortless recapture of your unused processing power to boost productivity and avoid unnecessary IT investment.

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Reduced Cloud Cost
Enhanced Workload Processing Security
Simplicity & Workload Democratization
Faster Workload Processing Speed

The Kazuhm Platform

Kazuhm is a groundbreaking, container-based platform, which processes your enterprise workloads in unprecedented ways. 

Kazuhm connects all compute resources of an enterprise (cloud, servers, and desktops) across a unified heterogeneous distributed computer network in order to deliver Optimal Workload Placement. And it does so with your existing resources, regardless of the hardware or operating system being used.

Designed for Maximum Ease-of-Use

Our portal provides a single pane user interface to use, monitor, and manage all components of the platform. Simplicity is key. Overcoming operational complexity and empowering non-IT users to run workloads on their own without IT involvement.

Dashboards provide comprehensive, dynamic, monitoring of information collected from all components of Kazuhm. This includes how long a job took, how many nodes were involved, how much network traffic the job created, what percentage processing capacity was used at a node, and more. Users can customize their own view by creating, adding, or removing widgets and reporting elements, as well as drag and drop positioning.

Recapture your resources

Kazuhm enables your organization to immediately reduce cloud costs by recapturing the unused capacity of ALL of your enterprise’s compute assets, providing significant savings to your organization.

Bring desktops into the fold

Kazuhm starts with the most basic compute assets of any organization–the desktop–and makes it the cornerstone of our workload-processing platform. A platform that is hardware and operating system agnostic; it will work regardless of the hardware or operating system you use.

Commercial grade

Kazuhm makes the grade by being a trusted Commercial Grade Platform designed to be secure, compliant, efficient and reliable. Not to mention easy to use, even if you are not an IT professional.

Fully connected compute ecosystem

Kazuhm can be fully connected into your enterprise’s compute ecosystem regardless of which hardware and operating system you use: Linux or Windows. 

Big Data workload processing

Fully integrated with your existing cloud setup to burst workloads, as needed, into the Cloud, customers can run all their data apps, including APACHE Spark, over the Kazuhm platform.

Ease of use

Empower users to run their workloads, no matter how massive, without having to call for the help of the IT department. Kazuhm eliminates operational complexities across the board by being simple to sign up for, and simple to install, manage and use – making Kazuhm the superhero of any organization!

Kazuhm Explained

Watch our video for an animated overview of what Kazuhm is and how it can benefit your organization.

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