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Whether your goal is to simplify Kubernetes, build your own private distributed compute networks, run workloads on-premise enabling the lowest possible latency, or easily manage multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments, Kazuhm can help you get there quickly and easily.  Explore the solutions we provide to today’s most common IT roadblocks.


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Multi-Cloud/Hybrid-Cloud Management

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Offset Cloud Costs

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Data Science On Demand

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Low-Latency Processing

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On-Site Distributed Computing

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Streamline Kubernetes or let Kazuhm deploy and manage your containerized applications.

Be up and running with Kubernetes in no time. Let our technology handle all the complexities with our user-friendly setup process and interface.

For the first time, organizations are not required to have dedicated hardware, as Kazuhm has mastered the ability to establish Kubernetes-on-demand environments with your existing hardware or cloud resources. 

Access the extensive Helm catalog of apps that are containerized and ready for use with Kubernetes.

Not a Kubernetes user?  No problem. Whether it is our single-click Kubernetes install function or our workload process automation, Kazuhm was built with a vision that containerized deployments should never be hard.

Experienced containers user?  Great!  Our technology was built to provide the ability to place containers and manage containerized workloads, including your organization’s proprietary containerized apps, across your entire compute ecosystem.  This included desktops, servers, cloud, and soon-to-come IoT devices.

Manage Multi-Cloud/Hybrid-Cloud Architectures

Integrate and manage your resources across cloud vendors with one easy-to-use platform.

Tired of trying to keep up with the ever-changing user interfaces of multiple cloud vendors?  Or is the complexity of managing assets from multiple vendors keeping you locked-in to a single vendor?

Kazuhm connects all your compute resources, in the cloud or on-premise.  And it does so with new or existing resources, regardless of the cloud vendor, hardware or operating system being used. 

Manage AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure cloud assets from one unified platform. 

A super-simple UI makes adding resources in the cloud or on-premise easy to install, activate, and manage.

Offset Cloud Costs

Organizations large and small are seeing their cloud costs increase.  Kazuhm can help!

IDC predicts that worldwide public cloud spending will reach $500 billion in 2023.

At the same time, most companies have in-house resources such as desktops and servers that sit idle up to 70% of the time. 

Why not capture that unused capacity sitting within your own four walls to offset rising cloud costs?  Kazuhm allows users to run any containerized application on their own Linux and Windows desktops as well as servers. 

Try our cost savings calculator to see how much you could save with Kazuhm!

Data Science On Demand

Take the complexity out of deploying Spark and Jupyter Notebook. 

As organizations worldwide deploy Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning initiatives, demand for data science tools continues to grow.  This places new demands on IT teams who need to support their data science colleagues with app configuration and workload processing.

Kazuhm offers out-of-the-box Spark and Jupyter Notebook functionality saving your data science and engineering teams time and money! Have your data science applications up and running on your on-premise Linux and Windows machines or in the cloud in just minutes.

Self-service ease of use has users working on the right things and reduces the IT support burden. With Kazuhm, the configuration that often takes hours or even days by an IT professional is completed in minutes without help from your IT department.

Low-Latency Processing

When milliseconds count, you want to be able to process your workloads on-premise or in the field.  

Achieving the lowest possible latency means processing workloads as close as possible to where your data is generated – enabling the best possible decision-making and fastest reaction times. 

Unify your compute resources on-premise or in the field to create powerful ad hoc networks. Kazuhm allows workloads that might otherwise have to be sent outside of your network to the cloud to be processed using your own compute resources, including desktops, servers, and soon, even edge devices. 

This gives you control over latency and ensures the best possible performance for your time-critical operations.

On-Site Distributed Computing

Create your own private compute fabric anywhere you have compute resources.

Desktop or server-based distributed computing or grid networking has been an enticing concept within IT departments at universities or enterprises for decades.  But the appetite for it has always been driven by internal demand, capabilities of the machines of the times, or the imagination and bandwidth of the engineers within the organization.

Enterprise software solutions that enable private, corporate distributed networks have traditionally been expensive and limited in their ability to incorporate desktop computers. 

Kazuhm’s container-based technology and AI-driven orchestrator allow companies to quickly and easily deploy their own private grid using on-premise desktops and servers or even edge devices to create a powerful compute fabric – all at a price that fits any IT budget.  

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