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Media & Entertainment

Media production workflows need massive and costly compute power.  Kazuhm enables you to source that power from devices you already own!

Today’s media & entertainment applications such as transcoding, rendering, image and video processing, as well as data analytics, require enormous compute cycles that can slow you down and drive up compute costs.  To keep up with consumer demand for ever-higher quality video streaming, M&E companies are purchasing costly cloud or data center capacity or even dedicated hardware solutions.

Kazuhm’s enterprise-grade grid computing software offers a better solution to meet this rising demand.  We enable you to connect all your compute resources, on-premise, or in the cloud regardless of the hardware platform, processor, or operating system being used. 

Take advantage of the untapped processing power of enterprise desktops, laptops, tablets, servers, and more, as well as AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure cloud assets from one unified platform. 

A super-simple UI makes installation, activation, management, and control easy for even non-technical users.

Data Analytics and AI Applications

The rise of big data and the Internet of Things gives companies unprecedented opportunities to apply AI and machine learning to their business problems.  But AI-driven insights come at a cost – the cost of CPU and GPU compute cycles. Kazuhm can help!

In recent years, the movement to cloud computing simplified software development and computer infrastructure management. However, with increases in the use of advanced AI algorithms in the enterprise, corporate cloud costs have skyrocketed.

At the same time, most companies have high-end workstations, laptops, tablets, and servers that sit idle up to 70% of the time. 

Why not capture that unused capacity sitting within your own four walls to offset rising data science-driven compute costs?  Kazuhm allows users to run any containerized application, including ELK, Apache Spark, and Jupiter Notebook on their own MacOS, Linux, and Windows desktops and laptops as well as servers. Along with cost savings, Kazuhm users are able to keep sensitive data on-premise while processing applications 8x faster or more.

Self-service ease of use has users working on the right things and reduces the IT support burden. With Kazuhm, the configuration that often takes hours or even days by an IT professional is completed in minutes without help from your IT department.

Genomics Research Applications

Large-scale computational analysis of DNA samples demands massive amounts of compute power, straining the budgets and timelines of research teams.  Kazuhm allows scientists to process their data on-premise, saving time and money over cloud-based solutions.

University, government, and private-sector research teams alike require cost-effective distributed processing solutions to run the sorting, filtering, clustering, formatting, and assembly of large populations of data samples.  Kazuhm is exactly the right software solution to serve their needs, leveraging existing genomics applications and processes with no requirements for additional hardware.

Kazuhm instantly enables High-Performance Computing-like capability using standard processing resources such as desktops, laptops, and servers.  Distributed computing technology allows jobs to run on any number of compute resources with any number of parallel processes.  Drag and drop simplicity means users can leverage Kazuhm without relying on IT support.

Eliminate the need for costly cloud-based processing resources or dedicated HPC hardware.  Kazuhm turns the resources you already own into a powerful distributed computing platform that meets your genomics research needs. 


The fast ramp-up to online learning and video-conferencing is driving demand for not only additional application processing but also increased storage capacity. Distributed storage with Kazuhm can help!

The global COVID-19 pandemic has very quickly increased demand for applications like online learning, Internet-based broadcast, clinical data gathering, and video-conferencing.  Alongside the demand for these applications comes a demand for increased storage capacity.  Additionally, much of this increased storage demand is driven by data with demanding security requirements.  Kazuhm enables distributed storage across the excess capacity of devices universities, companies, hospitals, and government agencies already have in-house which reduces the need to move data off-site or to the cloud.

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