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Introducing Kazuhm for Blender rendering!

Are you facing these Blender challenges?


    • Rendering jobs process too slowly.
    • Your team has too much downtime while projects render.
    • Setting up a Blender render farm is too complicated.
    • Rendering software solution pricing is too complicated.
    • Sending valuable assets to cloud-based solutions is a security risk.


Kazuhm is your solution!

Distributed Computing is the Key

Enterprise-grade distributed computing software enables users to quickly and easily unify their compute assets.  Why not take advantage of the resources you already own for your Blender render farm instead of sending your video assets to the cloud or 3rd party render farms?  Let us show you what’s possible with Kazuhm!


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Easily unify your existing devices of choice.

Create a powerful compute grid by unifying your desktops, laptops, tablets, and servers – CPUs and GPUs.  Run your compute jobs on-premise, maximizing the resources you already own while saving time and money.  With Kazuhm’s Blender render farm, latency issues are a thing of the past!

Integrate with your multi-cloud environment.

AWS, Azure, Google Cloud all work seamlessly with your unified on-premise resources.  Kazuhm takes the complexity out of managing your multi-cloud environment with a single UI.  During usage spikes, use any or all of your cloud resources to complement your on-premise compute resources.

Gain intelligence on unused capacity.

Customizable monitoring dashboards give you real-time intelligence about your capacity and workloads.  Actionable information on GPU and CPU usage, memory, and network traffic over time result in more informed decision-making and a better experience for all your users.  A single set of dashboards provides insights into on-premise resources as well as multi-cloud environments.

Set controls like never before.

Kazuhm never interferes with other work happening in your media workflow because our scheduler keeps you in full control of what and when jobs run on each resource.  Set day and time exclusions on a per-device basis. Set CPU and memory usage limits for each resource to ensure desktops and laptops are available to do what their primary user needs them to do.

Give your end users easy access.

Our NO COMMAND LINE PROMISE means that setting up a blender render farm is as easy as few simple clicks.  Your end-users will be able to run their own rendering jobs in Kazuhm’s Blender render farm, supporting Blender v2.79 and below, without help from IT.  They will be amazed at how quick and easy rendering can be!

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