A Team on a Mission

As a company comprised of business leaders and technology innovators we can’t ignore the fact that as data volumes are exploding, organizations are becoming strapped by the costs of continually adding resources to process this data in the cloud rather than fully tapping into resources they already have.

This is what inspired us to create Kazuhm — software designed to enable powerful distributed compute capability and to optimize any organization’s compute resources, whatever or wherever they may be.

Our Team

Kazuhm is a company built by engineers for engineers with the challenges of today’s geographically and technologically diverse organizations in mind.

 We understand the challenges of managing an IT infrastructure that meets the sometimes competing needs of multiple users and teams, securely, on time, and within budget.  We see the skyrocketing costs of managing data in the cloud and the lack of enterprise-grade choices for managing data and workflows without the public cloud.  The Kazuhm platform is the incarnation of all the “wishes” from our corporate IT experiences brought to life and delivered to users across sectors to address their most pressing concerns.


Navid Alipour

Board of Directors

Kat Chonka

Junior Software Engineer

John Davis

QA Engineer

Umang Desai

Senior Software Engineer

Josh Jacobson

Vice President, Technology

Dan Kepner

Director of Solutions Engineering and Business Development

Brooks Newberry

Software Engineer

Andreas Roell


Larry Smarr

Technology Evangelist

Rick Valencia

Executive Chairman

Luis Villamil

Software Engineer

Zuzana Volny

QA Automation

Kazuhm Life - Passion with a Purpose

We are a rebellious group of IT engineers that are bringing game back to the PC and the server – a tight-knit team that enjoys working hard and celebrating accomplishment together. 

We pride ourselves on creating an environment where outstanding talent across job functions can shine and individuals can learn, grow, create, and succeed.  Every person at Kazuhm is critical to our mission and has demonstrated courage and commitment.  We believe in each other, in what we are doing, and we believe we will change the way IT works.

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